10 Signs Your Company Needs a Technology Refresh

Old Technology

Did this headline catch your eye? You may be thinking your company needs a technology refresh. Industry recommendations suggest replacing computers every 3-5 years and phone system every 5-7 years. We’re not just talking about computers and phones in your office. Think about ALL of the technology your business uses (e.g. line of business software, printers, internet, routers, software), all technology needs to be replaced at some point.

Although staying up to date with technology can be a hassle, it is vital to the operational success and continued efficiency of your business. Here are some signs you need a technology refresh:

  • Things just seem to run slower
  • You’ve been using the same line of business software version for more than 4 years
  • Your company has added multiple employees and/or departments
  • You haven’t replaced your phone system in 10 years
  • You haven’t replaced your office computers in 5 years
  • Your software has reached its end of life point.
    • Below are a list of sites that list the end of life date for various software and operating systems:
    • Cisco: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/tsd_products_support_end-of-sale_and_end-of-life_products_list.html
    • Dell: http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04?c=us&s=bsd&cs=4&l=en
    • Avaya: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100081098
    • Be sure to check your manufacturer or software vendor’s site
  • Technology in your office has became an overwhelming task
  • Your noticing more frequent maintenance alerts, software update alerts, service alerts and other alerts
  • Your employees are traveling more than they use and
  • The technology in your office has interrupted work more than it should

Sound familiar? it might be time to start refreshing your technology.

See our other article, “Keeping Technology Current For Business” for ideas on how to refresh the technology in your office.

Born and raised on a horse farm in Marion, IA, Kenyon got her B.A. in English Literature from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. She returned to the area after graduating in 2011, and interned at several different marketing agencies prior to coming on as Marketing Coordinator for Tektivity. In her free time, Kenyon enjoys riding horses, studying ballet, and being with family.

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