5 Tips on How to Keep Your Server Room Organized

Do you have a room in you office that looks like this picture? Let’s face it, messy, tangled cables and cords are not only an eyesore but also are a cause for many other problems including:

  • decreased airflow – causing permanent equipment damage or poor performance due to overheating
  • improper hardware management – if the right equipment is not connected in the right series and properly balanced, you could be causing system overloads or underutilization, both of which could create poor user experiences
  • trip hazards – not only could you fall, but you could accidently rip cords out, breaking connectors, damaging jacks, and then not being real sure where the cords were pulled from creating reconnecting issues and hours of troubleshooting
  • not being able to track where the cords are connected – this can create hours instead of minutes in troubleshooting errors. In addition, not knowing for sure where cables run could cause accidental disconnection of critical components
  • hiding unnecessary hardware – if you are not sure why something is connected, how can you be sure you need it?

Here are some tips on how to keep your server room organized:

  • Label both ends of the cables so you always can track the end points
  • Label the ports and jacks so you can track, especially when cabling is hidden and running through walls and ceilings
  • Take your time in making changes and do it right. Quick changes often become permanent and overtime will create great cabling havoc
  • Use cable management equipment and use it properly
  • Logically stack equipment and patch panels so that cable lengths are reduced to a minimum

Setting up cabling correctly in the first place is a matter of good planning and performance. Keeping cabling organized over time is a matter of dedication and diligence. In our experience, spending time to reorganize a cable scheme and computer room set up is well worth the investment. Spending the extra time to make sure changes are done properly continues that pay off well into the future.


Born and raised on a horse farm in Marion, IA, Kenyon got her B.A. in English Literature from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. She returned to the area after graduating in 2011, and interned at several different marketing agencies prior to coming on as Marketing Coordinator for Tektivity. In her free time, Kenyon enjoys riding horses, studying ballet, and being with family.

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