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The Biggest Trend In Small Business IT For 2014

2014 IT Trends

It’s that time of year again. Industry pundits pull out their IT predictions for the biggest trend in small business IT for 2014. Our clients often ask us, “What do you guys see as being the big trends for 2014?”.

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5 Essential Microsoft Office 2010 Tips That Work in all Office Applications

ms office image

Okay, you’ve upgraded to MS Office 2010. If you’re just starting, you’re probably a little frustrated, but Microsoft’s new interface is easier once you get used to it. Where the fun comes in is using some new features that will

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5 Things to Consider While Buying Tablets or Laptops for Employees


A client asked us the other day if their company should be looking at tablets or laptops for their employees. While every situation is different, we talked to them about five different things to consider while making the decision: Connectivity

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What is Unified Communications and What Does it Mean for SMBs?


The business phone. Quite often we hear, “I own it and it works, don’t talk to me about replacing something that works.” It’s typically the last piece of technology to get updated in the small (SMB) office. SMBs don’t usually

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The Scariest Thing About Technology is Lack of Budgeting


I have been in technology sales since the turn of the century. I went through Y2K, sold the benefits of networking, and convinced people that email was the next big thing. Despite all of the technology changes I have seen,

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