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5 Essential Microsoft Office 2010 Tips That Work in all Office Applications

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Okay, you’ve upgraded to MS Office 2010. If you’re just starting, you’re probably a little frustrated, but Microsoft’s new interface is easier once you get used to it. Where the fun comes in is using some new features that will

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You Know What’s Scary? Messy Cables…Here’s Why:


Do the cables in your office look a little something like this photo? Let’s face it, messy, tangled cables and cords are not only an eyesore but also are a cause for many other problems including: Decreased airflow – causing

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What is Rogueware? And 4 Ways to Avoid it…

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Malicious software, commonly abbreviated as malware, is a growing concern. We often refer to any unwanted installations and alterations as simply ‘viruses’, but malware covers many means of infection and behaviors, including viruses. Spyware. Trojans. Worms. Adware. Gremlins, ghosts, ghouls.

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Music on Hold: Best practices to an Effective Message

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What is music on hold (MOH)? Music on Hold is just that. It’s a recording that businesses play when their callers are placed on-hold to fill the silence. Often times, companies just have generic pop music from the ’80’s playing

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Auto Attendant Script: Best Practices

Have you ever called a business, hoping to speak with someone immediately about a pressing issue, then the worst happens, you get hit with an unorganized, unnecessarily long, irritating auto attendant? Frustrating isn’t it? When it comes to designing your

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