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Conserving Energy at Work!

Facts about wasting energy at work and ways to conserve it

To celebrate Earth Day, we put together this infographic with facts about wasting energy at work and ways to conserve it. Click image below to launch full infographic.   Conserving Energy at Work!

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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

A list of 15 tasks to help you tackle your Technology Spring Cleaning project.  One day (or task) at a time.  See our pretty version here: Spring Cleaning Ah, spring cleaning can be such a daunting task! “There’s way too much

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Telecom Terms 101: POTS, Demarc, T-1, VoIP, Oh My!

POTS, Demarc, T-1, VoIP. Sound like a foreign language? Often times, when dealing with telecom technicians or phone system salespeople you may hear these terms and abbreviations and may wonder, “okay, what does that mean?!” Here’s a quick look: POTS

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10 Signs Your Company Needs a Technology Refresh

Did this headline catch your eye? You may be thinking your company needs a technology refresh. Industry recommendations suggest replacing computers every 3-5 years and phone system every 5-7 years. We’re not just talking about computers and phones in your

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5 Tips on How to Keep Your Server Room Organized

Do you have a room in you office that looks like this picture? Let’s face it, messy, tangled cables and cords are not only an eyesore but also are a cause for many other problems including: decreased airflow – causing

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