Managed Services: TEKWatch

This week we’re showcasing our newly designed managed services packages. Each day we’ll post about a new service. Today, TEKWatch!


TEKWatch is a 24×7 server monitoring service package that monitors your server(s) for any failures or abnormalities. With this service, you will receive email notifications on every issue as it arises. Knowing about these issues as they happen allows you to take immediate action and prevent any further damage. Services included in the TEKWatch package:

Server Monitoring

  • 24×7 server monitoring
  • Server availability inside and outside the network
  • Server up and healthy
  • Backup notification
  • Drive space availability or change
  • Disk health
  • Hacker checks
  • Event log error status
  • Antivirus status
  • Spam filter notification

What is monitored?

24×7 Checks

  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Disk Space Check
  • Event Log Check
  • File Size Check
  • Performance Monitoring Check
  • Processor Queue
  • Processor Utilization
  • Memory Usage
  • Network Usage
  • Physical Disk
  • Ping Check
  • Script Check
  • SNMP Check
  • TCP Service Check
  • Web Page Check
  • Windows Service Check

Daily Safety Checks (DSC)

  • Antivirus Update Check
  • Backup Check
  • Critical Events Check
  • Drive Space Change Check
  • Hacker Check
  • Event Log Check
  • Exchange Store Size
  • File Size Check
  • Physical Disk Health Check
  • Script Check
  • SNMP Check
  • WSUS Check

Let Tektivity know if you’re interested in learning how this managed service can benefit your business.

Born and raised on a horse farm in Marion, IA, Kenyon got her B.A. in English Literature from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. She returned to the area after graduating in 2011, and interned at several different marketing agencies prior to coming on as Marketing Coordinator for Tektivity. In her free time, Kenyon enjoys riding horses, studying ballet, and being with family.

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