5 Essential Microsoft Office 2010 Tips That Work in all Office Applications

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Okay, you’ve upgraded to MS Office 2010. If you’re just starting, you’re probably a little frustrated, but Microsoft’s new interface is easier once you get used to it.

Where the fun comes in is using some new features that will save you time and can make your life and work functions a lot easier. Here are 5 new features I really like, I hope you like them too. (Instructions are not Mac compatible).

Pinning Often-Used Documents

When you want to open a file, there is a convenient list of recently opened documents, very handy. You simply go to the File tab, choose Open and Microsoft provides a list of recent documents. But what if there are a few documents that you tend to use or access all the time? Wouldn’t it be nice if they were always at the top of the list? Easy. Hold your cursor over an item in the Recently Used list and to the right of the highlighted area you will see a small Pin icon. Click on the Pin and your document will be moved to a top section of the list and stay there until you unpin it by clicking on the Pin again.

Clip Board With Multiple Items

Did you know the latest MS Office clipboard holds up to 24 different items? This can come in handy when you need to move a lot of names or numbers around. Because the clipboard holds the items from one application to another, you can now do things like move multiple numbers from Excel into a Word Document or numerous Word phrases into PowerPoint.

Here’s how: In the Home ribbon right underneath the File tab is Paste, Cut, Copy, and Format Painter icons. Underneath these commands and icons is Clipboard with a little diagonally down arrow. Click on the arrow and a sidebar pops open with the latest things you have copied. Simply put your cursor where you want to paste an item, then click on the item in the clipboard list and it will copy to your document at the cursor location.

Picture Cropping and Styling

In Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, cropping photos and graphics got a whole lot easier. Simply insert your picture (was it one of the 24 items saved on the clipboard? See above) If you right click on the picture, the Crop command button appears, along with a nice Style command button. Choose Crop and now you can resize your photo by cutting part of it away. The Style command has a nice selection of borders for you to choose from. Try cropping a styled picture for really nice effects.

Keystroke Shortcuts to Access Ribbon Commands

The ribbon of commands atop any MS Office 2010 document are pretty easy to navigate with a mouse. But there is a little trick using the Alt key that may come in handy and keep your fingers on the keyboard. Simply press the Alt key any time you are in an MS Office 2010 document, it will make boxed letters appear in the ribbon. Then pressing any of the letters will take you to that particular command. For example, typing Alt-H-I in succession will indent your paragraph. If you have some formatting or other commands you use frequently, memorizing the keystroke shortcut can save you a lot of time.

Customizing Your Ribbons

That’s right, you can customize your ribbons to regain your favorite commands that MS Office removed, or delete commands you will never use. Go to the File tab and choose Options. Then choose Customize Ribbon. This command takes you to a pane that has multiple options for changing the commands on your various ribbons. Once you get to the tab it is pretty intuitive. Don’t worry there is a reset button to take you back to the default ribbons should you mess something up.

This customization also applies to the Quick Access Toolbar which is the little toolbar that sits way up in the left hand corner above the main ribbon. Go to File, choose Options, and then choose Quick Access Toolbar. This is the toolbar that probably makes the most sense to customize.







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