Music on Hold: Best practices to an Effective Message

What is music on hold (MOH)? Music on Hold is just that. It’s a recording that businesses play when their callers are placed on-hold to fill the music on hold imagesilence. Often times, companies just have generic pop music from the ’80’s playing in the background. Cool flashback, but come on, really?

The recording doesn’t have to be music either. It can be a customized message that your company created or your latest radio ad.

Here are a few best practices to make the most of your on-hold calls:

Don’t Be Boring
Callers already are annoyed that they’re on-hold, maybe their on-hold experience can be [somewhat] enjoyable. Give them some music to listen to, tell them about something exciting in your company.

Don’t Be Generic
This probably coincides with being boring, but avoid the “Thank you for calling MyCompany, someone will be with you shortly, we appreciate your call.” OR “Thank you for holding, someone will be right with you.” The caller doesn’t need to be reminded that they’re on hold. They know that. They also know that you appreciate their call.

Take Advantage of this Marketing Opportunity
Many people don’t realize how big of an impact a MOH message can make. Think about how many people call your business and how many people are put on-hold. Even if it’s less than 10 people, it’s still a great opportunity to tell them more about your company, give them tips, tell them to visit your social media sites, visit your website, etc. The possibilities are endless. Maybe you want to start telling them a story and if it’s cut short, they can visit a landing page on your website with the rest of the story. Be creative. Just make sure it’s aligned with your overall marketing strategy.

Don’t be Overbearing
Figure out your businesses’ overall average on-hold time and space out your messages appropriately. If your caller is on hold for 1 minute, you don’t want to be talking about how awesome your company is the entire time, it’s overwhelming. Give the caller short, mental breaks during their wait time.


Born and raised on a horse farm in Marion, IA, Kenyon got her B.A. in English Literature from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. She returned to the area after graduating in 2011, and interned at several different marketing agencies prior to coming on as Marketing Coordinator for Tektivity. In her free time, Kenyon enjoys riding horses, studying ballet, and being with family.

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