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What is Unified Communications and What Does it Mean for SMBs?


The business phone. Quite often we hear, “I own it and it works, don’t talk to me about replacing something that works.” It’s typically the last piece of technology to get updated in the small (SMB) office. SMBs don’t usually

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Music on Hold: Best practices to an Effective Message

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What is music on hold (MOH)? Music on Hold is just that. It’s a recording that businesses play when their callers are placed on-hold to fill the silence. Often times, companies just have generic pop music from the ’80’s playing

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Four ways to tell if your business communications solution is cost-effective

Is your communications system making you money, saving you money—or is it causing you to lose money in the form of lost productivity and higher operating costs? Unfortunately, the chances are high that it’s the latter. This is true even

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