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Rest In Peace, Windows XP

On April 8th, 2014, Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP. The XP OS will no longer receive security patches or updates, leaving it wide open to hackers, malware, viruses, and other Internet-borne diseases. This should come as no surprise

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The Small Business Owner’s Complete Guide to the Cloud

Cloud computing. The term is everywhere, an apparent synonym for convenience, scalability, and good plain business sense. Why? It is the “why” of cloud computing that has gone overlooked amidst all the hype. WHY, exactly, is cloud computing so beneficial?

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The Biggest Trend In Small Business IT For 2014

2014 IT Trends

It’s that time of year again. Industry pundits pull out their IT predictions for the biggest trend in small business IT for 2014. Our clients often ask us, “What do you guys see as being the big trends for 2014?”.

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Tablet Nation: A Post PC Future?

Apple released their new iPad recently, and sold out their initial stock almost immediately. We see more and more people wanting to switch from laptops over to tablets for their computing needs. While a tablet is a great personal computing

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Helping Employees Stay Productive

It’s that time of year when many companies head into the 4th quarter looking to “make” their year and start the planning for next year. How can we be more productive? How do we streamline or achieve maximum operational efficiency?

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