Tektip: Passwords

One of the simplest ways hackers use to gain access to your information is through the use of a specially written piece of software to attempt to log into a site using your credentials. Below are some password tips to help you keep your information safe:

  • Length is key; the longer the password combinations, the longer it takes for a hacker to discover your password
  • Substitute numbers for letters that look similar. The letter o becomes the number 0, or even better an ‘@’ or ‘*’. (example: In7t3rN3t instead of internet or @nL1N3 instead of online)
  • Randomly throw in capital letters
  • Avoid using names and words in the dictionary
  • Have different username / password combinations for everything. Remember, the hacker’s technique is to break into one thing you access and figure out your standard password, then compromise everything else you access.

Born and raised on a horse farm in Marion, IA, Kenyon got her B.A. in English Literature from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. She returned to the area after graduating in 2011, and interned at several different marketing agencies prior to coming on as Marketing Coordinator for Tektivity. In her free time, Kenyon enjoys riding horses, studying ballet, and being with family.

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