Workplace Time Wasters

So, everyone wastes time at work, but exactly how much?

We all know employees waste time at work, in fact, according to the 2013 survey, 69% of respondents admitted doing so every single day.

How much time are we talking? The majority of the respondents answered 0-60 minutes/day however 11% said several hours a day. Yikes!

If you had to guess, what do you think are some of the biggest time wasters in your office? Facebook? Other social media networking? Socializing with co-workers? Taking care of personal business? About 1/3 of time wasted at work is dedicated to surfing the web. Out of all the websites visited at work, the top 5 sites in order are: Facebook, Yahoo, Linkedin, Google+, and Amazon. Surprised? We weren’t.

So why do your employees waste time? Some of the top responses are lack of incentive, unsatisfied with jobs, bored, low pay, not enough work to do, and interacting with coworkers.

The majority of the respondents in this survey think that short Internet breaks throughout the day actually help employees achieve higher levels of productivity, just like a mental recess.

“Yes, my employees surf the web occasionally at work. So what? It’s not a big deal…” Wrong – You would be surprised at the actual amount of time is wasted, how it adds up across the company, and how many productivity dollars are wasted. It’s a lot more than you think.

See how much money your company could be losing to casual Internet surfing:

Here’s a solution: implement a web filter. Here are 8 reasons why.

See the “Wasting Time at Work” info graphic!

Wasting Time at Work - An info graphic!

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